Dedicated to my best friend


To my best friend,
You are ubiquitous! Just some time back you were sitting right next to me with your face buried in a book. So engrossed yet adorable. I just smiled to myself and got back to my work. You are like the drizzling rain. Even if it is noon sun out there, I feel freshness of that rain. You are like strokes of abstract painting…gazing you makes one feel like some random common human being but close observation makes your uniqueness stand out!
So calming, like an untouched, serene island somewhere unnoticed on this huge planet. Freshness and solace of seashore breeze comes with your arrival. Your eyes tell the story of some deep dark dense forest where even sunlight cannot touch the very bottom soil…so introverted.
Your memories randomly gather together in my mind when I am riding slowly on my bicycle, passing a garden full of beautiful, colorful flowers, on a busy day, when I am all away from this world full of so many people. So many people, really, and I stumbled upon you to find a soul of child, yet mature within an iron body. That is how you are-pristine and honest, the peace that I search, a shoulder that gives me support in my journey…will be always there with me…in my long journey…long and deep journey…

the voyager 🙂

5 thoughts on “Dedicated to my best friend

  1. First of all congratulations Avani☺️. This is your first blog n u written very nicely and meaningful words u used. Proud of u Aani. We are waiting for your next blogs. All the very best for your bright future👍.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Komal vahini :)I will write as and when I get the thoughts.Thanks for the encouraging words!I need to improve the content a lot though…


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