To that magic-to my papa

Away from this world – full of so many people, out there is a corner of solitude – my own little world … a world full of countless curiosities, moot yet engaging talks with myself and thinking over a bunch of random things. I, with vapours coming out of that cup of coffee sitting near a window, watching that endless rain, listening to the rustling of those leaves when soft air drifts through them.
I wonder about simple things. No complicated stuff in the world makes me as happy as these things do. And I get lost in them … I lose myself in admiring these little things. Just that moment when papa subconsciously held my palm and pressed gently while we are crossing the road. Hell yeah, I am 20 now! I don’t need anyone’s assistance to cross the road, man! But, a beautiful bond formed long back – 20 years ago – made him do that, subconsciously. When my eyes were wandering here and there, in the confusion of finding my way to cross the road – full of busy vehicles – some slow, some fast, when my eyebrows rose up with the anxiety to run and cross the road, a large palm came there, I held it with my little fingers tightly, finally finding some relief and crossing the road like a princess! Admiring that king, who certainly became one of the most renowned kings of all kings and superhero of all heroes in my small, tiny world. How can I forget the importance of that unconditional love showered on me when I was that 2 years old mad girl?
Thoughts come and go. They never stay at a single place for a long time however tight I hold them. But, a stay of those beautiful thoughts, just for some moments makes those moments special, brings liveliness to the routine and brings a smile to my lips and spark in my eyes. Magic does exist, indeed!

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