Finding passion!(?)


So, here I am, with a lens in my hand and trying to find my passion… I listen, I watch, I read a bunch of things out there that glorify “Find your passion.” I thought for a while. Are passions inherited in the genes? Are they built up by default, by birth? Do we really have to search countless things to check if they are our passion? Oh man, that’s just next to impossible! Are you also one of those who is searching for passions?
After some years of thought over this, talking to some people who have “settled” in their careers, boggling my head over “finding my passion”, I found a thing to note, it’s through a process of investment and development that you develop an abiding passion in a field!It does not exist there by default!
A study says, some researchers had students watch a video made by The Guardian for a general audience about Stephen Hawking’s ideas. It was easy to understand and entertaining. Then the researchers had the students read a highly technical, challenging article in the academic journal Science about black holes. Despite saying just moments ago, after viewing the video, that they were fascinated by black holes, the students said they were no longer interested in black holes after reading the difficult Science article. In other words, when you’re told that your interests are somehow ingrained, you give up on new interests as soon as the going gets tough. If something becomes difficult, it’s easy to assume that it simply must not have been your passion, after all. I think in this case, the ones who stick, succeed and those who do not, “lose”.
The people with growth-mindset! I think, no one is “pro” at something from the beginning. Everyone has to start doing things from the basic, invest time and resources and developing their way for one foot next. I think we can like a lot many things at a time and we can dislike some of them after certain years and might like some other things which we never encountered before. It is okay to be with it. What matters is how you develop yourself in that field. What matters is how you try to beautify your own perspective towards that field and how you can get the most out of what that field has to offer to you! Every field has a beauty of its own. It is okay to choose it (or sometimes get it!) and then dig deeper in it to explore it…like a child… removing all the prejudices about the field and be ready to gather what it gives!
I think it is that growth mindset – that unending hunger to improve, that quest for more and still rejoicing with the peace of what one has now. Yes, the bottom line is growth-mindset!


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