Embrace the shadows!


So, the other day, I was walking in my college campus from the computer centre to my hostel enjoying the scenic beauty of the central lawns and experiencing the breeze flowing through my open hair with my favourite songs playing on in the earphones! Just another day.
On my way, something caught my attention…just another rainy day and I saw a little plant peeping out from behind the rocks and cement, in a kind of isolated area where proper nutrition might not be available for the plant. It was away from all other plants which were properly maintained by the college and meticulously watered, nurtured according to schedules. My mind – which goes on wandering here and there, relating things(and sometimes overthinking :P) started telling me story of day today life…
I thought, we humans are the most mentally advanced species in this world. But many times, we use our mind to simply complain – wait, let me put it more clearly – “create complaints” about things, about situations, about people and what not! Here was this tiny plant which taught me how to be fresh and
supple when the conditions are not what you want them to be. This amicable plant whispered in my ears, “Dude, why not mould yourself so as to make the best use of available condition instead of “creating complaints”? You know what, not everything is perfect! You should learn to embrace the shadows as much as you embrace the light out there. Do you find yourself complaining about little things? Ask yourself once… give it a thought…” Oh, yes, moulding myself in the conditions which cannot be changed or are not in my control is a far better option than simply self-creating complaints! Had I forgotten this while wandering in the world of self created complaints? I smiled to myself. Thanked that shrub that gave me such a valuable advice- valuable indeed!
That single bit of advice is helping me simplify my life – I am learning, I am growing, I am trying to embrace the shadows!
I am getting high on life!
Thank you dear shrub!


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