A page from an introvert’s diary


Silence is an underrated thing. There is unmatched beauty in silence. It brings you close to the person whom you keep on ignoring in your busy schedule(which, in turn, you yourself made busy by choice – believe it or not! So, respect it!),a person you should love the most in your life – and yes, you guessed it right- that person is you yourself! I mean it. Silence has the power to make the bond between you and yourself strong.

Silence is bliss. It has a lot of words but no sound in them. Silence helps to give a way to some thoughts which were “jailed” in your mind since few days, weeks, months or may be years! Silence gives you a new perspective – an altogether fresh view of everything you see everyday! It makes you adore the things in your surrounding. It makes you introspect.
silence 2jpg
Who says silence is awkward? Believe me, it’s not! Next time you are alone and are trying to entertain yourself or just pass the time or kill the feeling of loneliness with the mobile in your hand, just stop! Stop for a while, give silence a try…peep inside your colorful mind with countless shades, it has many stories to tell you – might be interesting or perhaps more important than the thing you were seeing in your mobile. Use that silence to appreciate and admire little things in your life, use that silence to think about and love those people who form important part of your life, use that silence to try to see the things calmly and peacefully. It is much needed in today’s life full of hustle-bustle!
Yes, my dear friend, not all things can be expressed and experienced with sounds and they need not be! Let us try to light up our inner-selves with the help of silence!

“Silence is a source of great strength” – Laozi
silence 1


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