Unfair and lovely?


Today, I came across this YouTube video (Disclaimer: By no means this article is to advertise the mentioned video.) and contemplated for a spell of time. I realized that, all of us, in general, knowingly or unknowingly judge people based on their skin tone. If not judge, we give importance to color tone for certain kinds of jobs or positions.

An air-hostess, hotel receptionist, T.V host, etc. are preferred if they have light skin tone. The mere reason being, people would be watching them, and people like to watch a person with light complexion. This article, by no means is intended to derogate the light-skinned people. But, the crux is, discussion of a mindset that we carry inadvertently.
light skin
There are facial creams to get light skin. I feel, there should only be the one to make your skin fresh and healthy. There is mention of skin tone in most of the Indian marriage bio-data. Why is there no mention of special quality the person has developed?

Being more pragmatic, dark skin is basically more melanin. It is most of the times genetic. So, it does not make sense to judge a person based on what he/she has not done. I strongly feel, there is a need to look at the “human” in the person, or something the person has cultivated in him/herself or something the person has done to improve him/herself – in the jobs, positions, while promoting commercial “beauty” products, in the marriage bio-data and much more.

Are we scientific only till our Science textbook ends? Are we humans only till the boundary of what society thinks? Why do I still listen beauty and light tone of skin interchangeably – even from the new so called savvy generation? Do you think that? Why do you think that?

Why is “light” skin tone called “fair”?


2 thoughts on “Unfair and lovely?

  1. You can observe all sort of (sometimes implicit) advantages of white people in all the countries with a colonial past. During that period, white people amalgamated a huge amount of power and wealth; that was (and still is!) quite attractive. Many years after, we still relate the color of the skin to power and wealth (which is partially true) and that’s one of the reasons why light skin is so overrated. Light skin is the beauty ideal, but that is totally arbitrary in my opinion. That beauty ideal is something we learned from society; it is ubiquitous in our culture. We can change the culture, but it is a (very) slow process.

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