Gratitude-the first step toward the path of success


Have you ever thought of a quality which is indispensable, can change your life dramatically, yet so underrated?

For past few days, I had been researching over gratitude, science behind it and why it is even relevant to our lives. Here are some findings I want to share with you all.

We all know what gratitude is. It’s being thankful for whatever you have. But many of us fail to capture the depth of this thought. First thought which hits many people’s brain is- Why should I even appreciate whatever I have? There are many people already luckier better than me. Moreover, thinking about what I don’t have is going to be helpful to improve myself rather than being thankful each day……..

Please understand that being grateful is going to upgrade your thinking and hence lifestyle, not anyone else’s. It is not just any random thought. There are many scientific factors associated with it. Moreover, it just makes you feel better because of the positive vibes associated with it.

Scientific factors associated with gratitude-

When the brain feels gratitude, the parts of the brain that are activated include the ventral and dorsal medial pre-frontal cortex. These areas are involved in the feeling of reward. (Source- This reflects in our day-to-day lives, making them better.

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  1. Disconnects us from negative emotions.
  2. Helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  3. Improves relationships.
  4. Encourages growth mindset and learning attitude.
  5. Helps to boost self-esteem.
  6. Changes your perspective toward life and brings happiness.

It is scientifically proven that practicing gratitude daily can do miracles like these. What else do you want in your life?

So, why do we indulge in complaining?

  1. To get attention and sympathy – Many people like to keep on complaining about their lives to show how difficult is their life is and how they are struggling each moment. If you do this and it doesn’t evoke negative emotions, then it’s fine. But many times it generates negativity.
  2. To run away from responsibilities- Complaining is a good excuse to get rid of responsibilities.
  3. We really feel that something which happened was excruciating– this is probably the biggest reason why we complain. But this has to generate negativity, and also it promotes fixed mindset thinking. Whenever you feel this just remember- There are always people who are luckier than you and the people going through much more pain and struggles that you can ever imagine. It goes both ways. Still, many ‘so called’ lucky people are unhappy and people who don’t even have what lucky people have are doing better than them. Because it is not happiness that brings us gratitude. It is gratitude that brings us happiness. Our goal is not to gain sympathy from people but to search positivity in every aspect.

What you should be grateful for?

  1. You have the perfect body.
  2. You have a home to live.
  3. You don’t have to sleep hungry.
  4. You have cloths to wear.
  5. You have family and friends.
  6. You have access to internet.
  7. Your parents can afford your needs.
  8. And at last, you have a brain which analyses things. That’s why you came here!!

Practice gratitude everyday-

So, what are you waiting for? Start celebrating your life!!

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