4 unique Habits of rich and successful people

I recently read about the work of Tom Corley, a financial planner and an accountant, who surveyed about 233 highly successful and rich people and found out that most of them have the following 4 daily habits in common which average people usually ignore-

1. They read intellectual content a lot-

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In Tom Corley’s survey, there are about 88 percent of people who spend on an average 30 minutes daily on self improvement content.

By reading biographies of successful people, they get to know about other rich people’s life experiences, their failures, their motivation etc. This is the great source to enhance the mental capabilities by learning from other people’s experiences.

One of the motives of this blog is to provide book summaries to people who want to know the brief overview of the book. Click here to check out that part as well.

2. They spend about 15 to 30 minutes daily on thinking-

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Now just reading books will not help you to grow unless you allow your mind to ponder over the content you read. It’s essential to put out your own thoughts on any topic and find the best choices for you. This reflects in your career decisions too.

Rich and successful people train their mind to think logically and extract the best out of the content that they read. For eg. if you are reading this blog post, you just don’t read it, but find which habit will most suit you, what changes it might bring in your daily life etc, how will you start inculcating these habits in your daily routine.

3. Exercise is their priority-

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Working out daily has astonishing positive effects on mind and body, the scientific study has proven it. In Corley’s survey, there are about 76 percent people who exercise daily.

Successful people make sure to sweat out daily, as it doubles their productivity, helps them achieve a better life-style.

4. They get enough sleep-

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Countless studies have shown that your body requires at least 7-8 hrs of sleep daily, to function at its best.

About 89 percent people in the survey get enough sleep. They make it their daily habit. It helps them to stay cheerful and productive throughout the next day. Good and peaceful sleep at night is essential for career as well as personal growth.

These are the 4 most unique good habits of highly successful and rich people. I have also written a book summary of ‘the power of habit’. If you want to inculcate these habits into your daily routine, please click here to check out the post.

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