Anne Frank- The Diary of a Young Girl book summary, review, and life lessons

Who Was Anne Frank?

‘Anne Frank- The Diary of a Young girl‘ is the diary of a lively, cheerful, empathetic, and headstrong teenaged Jewish girl Anne Frank who had to go through a dreadful experience during World War 2 due to Nazi Party ruled by Hitler.

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl - Plugged In

Anne Frank was given a diary as her 13th birthday gift in June 1942. In the diary Anne Frank says that she is lonely, she doesn’t have true friends and she wants to share all her feelings with someone. The diary is her best friend. She renames her diary as Kitty. Anne describes the social situation in the Netherlands where Jews were subjected to strict rules and regulations restricting their social behavior.

Anne Frank’s hiding place-

In July of 1942, Anne’s family received a call-up notice for Margot Frank(Anne’s 16-year-old elder sister), which meant that Margot would either be imprisoned or taken to a concentration camp(where Jews are tortured to death). To prevent this, they went into hiding in an apartment behind her father’s (Otto Frank) business located at Prinsengracht 263, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Soon, they have to share this place with another Jewish family, the Van Daans, who had a 15-year old son Peter van Daan.

Situation in Amsterdam, Netherlands during World War 2-

Anne Frank kept on making entries to her diary for the next 2 years till August 1944. She describes how excruciating it was to hide in the apartment where they were constantly in trepidation of being caught by Nazis someday, not being able to go out and get fresh air, not being able to continue education and meet friends and relatives, trying their best to survive with almost negligible facilities and unfavorable conditions.

There would be occasional disagreements between Frank’s and Van Daan’s family and sudden emotional outbursts. Anne even mentions that the sound of bomb blasting nearby had become so usual that she would hear it many times every day and she was no longer terrified by that.

New study says Anne Frank may not have been betrayed | News | DW |  17.12.2016

The diary describes not only Jew’s traumatic experiences but also Anne’s emotional growth during this period. The surrounding circumstances had made Anne kinder, emotionally mature, wiser, and strong. Anne thinks that she was a silly child before coming to the Secret Annex(their hiding place) and she is thankful that she is not superficial anymore. Anne thanks Miep and Jan Gies, her father’s non-Jewish friends, to help them hide and provide them help when needed. Anne mentions the romantic feeling she had for Peter and the time that they spent together.

In late March of 1944, Anne Frank hears a Dutch radio broadcast that says that after the war is over, diaries and journals kept during the war will be collected as valuable writings. Anne Frank always had a dream of becoming a writer which was going to be fulfilled.

How did Anne Frank die-

Unfortunately, On 4 August 1944, Anne Frank and the other people in hiding were discovered and arrested. Everyone was taken to a different concentration camp where they were tortured till death. Only the father of Anne Frank, Otto Frank, survived. Anne Frank’s age when she died was only 16 years.

Quotes by Anne Frank-

In her last diary entry, Anne Frank says, “As I’ve told you many times, I’m split in two. One side contains my exuberant cheerfulness, my flippancy, my joy in life, and, above all, my ability to appreciate the lighter side of things. By that, I mean not finding anything wrong with flirtations, a kiss, an embrace, an off-color joke. This side of me is usually lying in wait to ambush the other one, which is much purer, deeper, and finer.

She further continues “The happy-go-lucky Anne laughs, gives a flippant reply, shrugs her shoulders, and pretends she doesn’t give a darn. The quiet Anne reacts in just the opposite way. If I’m being completely honest, I’ll have to admit that it does matter to me, that I’m trying very hard to change myself, but that I’m always up against a more powerful enemy.” (source:

Letters Anne Frank Wrote to Her Grandmother Will Be Published for the First  Time | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

Soon after the end of World War 2, Anne Frank’s private diary became an international sensation because it was one of the major pieces of evidence of the traumatic social situation in the Netherlands due to the takeover by the Nazis.

After the book was published, it immediately became an international bestseller and to this date, it’s reaching many people. Anne Frank’s dream of being a writer became true. Hollywood even produced two movies based on her diary. Anne Frank’s diary teaches us to be grateful for what we have because many of us are going through an even worse situation. It teaches us to remain headstrong in a situation of crisis.

Below video shows some facts about Anne Frank-

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