4 unique Habits of rich and successful people

I recently read about the work of Tom Corley, a financial planner and an accountant, who surveyed about 233 highly successful and rich people and found out that most of them have the following 4 daily habits in common which average people usually ignore- 1. They read intellectual content a lot- In Tom Corley’s survey,Continue reading “4 unique Habits of rich and successful people”

Ambling in a city of the Netherlands: A small bag, a big bag, Amstel-dam and me – Part 1

I always wonder how to start an article. I have so many thoughts in the mind, trying to make their way to have a clear picture on a paper and make some sense, that this time, I thought I will allow them to directly appear, as they are, without any formal start or introduction. TwoContinue reading “Ambling in a city of the Netherlands: A small bag, a big bag, Amstel-dam and me – Part 1”

Ambling in a village of the Netherlands

It’s almost three weeks in and I am settling in the Netherlands – first time abroad and so naturally, full of curiosity. I came here for my bachelor’s thesis and my nerdiness would definitely make me do more of studies (:p) but awestruck by the idiosyncrasy of the place, here I am, trying to exploreContinue reading “Ambling in a village of the Netherlands”

The skies did not restrict him

“Ajo, why don’t you play the slide with me?”, asked little Ashni to her grandpa. “I am old now, beta. I can’t.” “Ajo, but why can’t you? You are fit.”, came the next innocent question. “Ashni…beta, do you see old people playing slides? No, right? It’s the thing of children.” Ashni traipsed back to play.Continue reading “The skies did not restrict him”

A page from an introvert’s diary

Silence is an underrated thing. There is unmatched beauty in silence. It brings you close to the person whom you keep on ignoring in your busy schedule(which, in turn, you yourself made busy by choice – believe it or not! So, respect it!),a person you should love the most in your life – and yes,Continue reading “A page from an introvert’s diary”

Ladies, “the you” in yourself !

I really don’t get the meaning of remarks like “my daughter/wife/mother, etc. is not less than a man.” I mean really? By saying this, you are concreting the opinion: man is the best and you need to change yourself to be like him or “improve” yourself to be like a man. I think we needContinue reading “Ladies, “the you” in yourself !”