How to Get Recruited by Texas Instruments: Ways, Tips, Resources

Scope: Any electronics engineering student aiming to get recruited by Texas Instruments, India as Analog Engineer. Outline: 1. On-campus: Internship-PPO/Placement 1.1 Tips and Resources to ace the complete recruitment procedure 1.2 Tips for securing a PPO 2. Off-campus: Internship-PPO/Placement 2.1 Steps to get recruited off-campus 2.2 Resources 3. University Connections 3.1 BITS Pilani 3.2 IITContinue reading “How to Get Recruited by Texas Instruments: Ways, Tips, Resources”

How to get good grades/CGPA in undergraduate college

I was fortunate to receive guidance of seniors from my college – BITS Pilani, Goa and with their help, I could get decent CGPA of 9.51 and Rank 1 in the department. Many juniors started to bug me with the questions regarding how to go about it. While I really appreciate that they are proactiveContinue reading “How to get good grades/CGPA in undergraduate college”